My Journey – Singapore summer camp

Recently I have visited Singapore. For a week I got to experience Singapore’s special life style.

Through the week I made a lot of friends in the Compass education group, but my best friend is Hieu. He is funny and caring. He explained many of my questions.

Our teachers Mr. Discipline and Ms. Dinh are hilarious. They made up really fun games for us to play. The two tour guides were wonderful. They took us to awesome places. The first thing they did was taking us to the dorm, the place we were going to stay in. The rooms there weren’t bad at all, they were pretty nice. The cafeteria had delicious food as well.

The tour guides also showed us to Marina Bay Sands, NUS, Universal Studios, Gardens by the Bay and the one I like the most is the National Singapore Science Museum. But first, I will tell you about Marina Bay Sands. At the Marina Bay Sands, there is the Merlion stature and you can see the Marina Bay Sands itself with a boat on top of the three buildings. At the Marina Bay Sands, there is a giant mall. Sometimes at night they made water light shows and we got to watch one. It was so amazing. At the NUS, we got to explore and the tour guides made fun activities for us to play there.

The Universal Studios is one of my favourite places in this trip besides my room at the dorm. In there we got to play and discover the whole area. Two of my friends, Mr. Discipline and I went on the Revenge of the mummy roller-coaster. It was so scary. After that I got to play and buy toys as souvenirs. When we finally grouped up to go back to the dorm, Mr. Discipline bought us some ice-creams. At the Gardens by the Bay, we got to look at spectacular natural landscape. I went with one of my friends to look at the water fall. It was massive like probably 6 to 7 stories tall! I got lots of good photos. If you like photography, this is like photography heaven. It was so beautiful that no matter how high your standard was you will say “wow”!

Now for my favorite place – the National Singapore science museum, you will get to go anywhere except the employees’ rooms. So as I was saying, you will also get to explore and learn many cool stuff there like how biologists and chemists find medicine to cure diseases, how a computer that is programed to learn and beat its opponents acts, how cranes work, how biologists find cool features in nature to solve human problems, many cool experiments on your own eyes that create a cool illusion, more illusions on Lego, mini fire tornadoes, smoke making machine and many more cool things there. After each day, you can go to buy yourself a cool souvenir at one of the exits.

At the very last day I felt sad because I have to leave this beautiful country, sad about leaving my friends but a little joy of getting to go home to my family. Thank you Compass, Mr. Khoi, Mr. Discipline, Ms. Dinh and the tour guides for making my Summer Camp a whole lot more fun. I love my Singapore Summer Camp. Thank you a lot.

From Tuan Khang