Globalisation is at everyone’s doorstep. Its effects are knocking on the door of the global citizen and acquiring the English language is certainly central to the effectiveness of modern communication and thus the success of education in Vietnam. Responding to the influences of a rapidly changing world produces many challenges; it is the primary aim of COMPASS Education to provide fertile ground for this language acquisition and to be a central key-player. It is essential that we follow high education standards as well as meet market expectations and then effectively deliver the appropriate needs. The scope of our task is broad and culturally enriching for both the learners and the teachers and we try to ‘encompass’ and promote this cultural exchange as part of our aims.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing economies in the world and this requires that we have a regulated, standardised system of education of the English language. And gaining a competitive edge on such a global, world-stage necessitates fluency in English. Imperative to our success is that we assign highly qualified, professional native English teachers with the necessary experience and pronunciation skills. They must also have competency in general people-skills and induce enthusiasm so as to promote internal motivation in students and thus be effective teachers. The Learner-centred method of English language acquisition allows teachers to be instructors or facilitators rather than merely lecturers. On-going quality improvement and monitoring aided by teacher training workshops, course outcome assessments combined with feedback and evaluation is absolutely crucial. Implementing these objectives along with consultation with community groups including the business sector and other educational institutions requires a challenging synthesis which we are currently fully embracing.

Identifying certain learning abilities and interests of students lends further support to career counselling and development. And accomplishing such goals and promoting confidence in actually using the English language is also pivotal to our success in rural provinces. Assigning native English teachers where there is possibly an even greater cultural divide, quite often previously lacking in foreign exposure, is most rewarding for all concerned. The opportunities of sharing experiences are tremendous. Equally, our liaisons with business enterprises and assessing and delivering their need-specific requirements with subsequent follow-up evaluation and support, occupy many of our programs. In all of these diverse projects, we aim to accomplish a high-quality educational environment in order to facilitate an effective means of English language acquisition. COMPASS Education can effectively provide the path and pave the way to this success.


To promote an awareness of the need for development of education in Vietnam is one of our primary goals. Becoming a leading professional English language education company is central to our mandate. In particular, our primary objective is to provide programs which focus on teacher quality, community partnership and which integrate a holistic language acquisition philosophy.

To act as a mediator between various community groups, such as local schools and business enterprises is a major part of our impetus in promoting and facilitating English language acquisition. Providing the necessary co-ordination and making available the required cutting edge materials, methodology and human resources. Also, building the capacity for development with local institutions and providing on-going monitoring and evaluation is central to our task and future directions.


Mr HUYNH Minh Khoi – Director

Mr Huynh Minh Khoi is the founder and principal partner behind Compass Education. His qualifications include an MA in TESOL from the University of Brighton, UK, as well as an undergraduate degree in Education. Mr Huynh has extensive experience in the field of Education particularly in English as a second language, Teacher Training and Professional Development Programmes for Managers, Leaders and Senior Executives. Mr Huynh has researched, developed and delivered a number of programmes and courses in the field of Education.

Recently, Mr Huynh was the program director at the UNESCO Centre for International Cultural Exchange and successfully promoted educational and cultural exchange projects of the UNESCO in the south of Vietnam. He also worked as a program manager at Dong Nai Centre for Foreign Languages and Computer Science, Dong Nai Department of Education and Training. He also works closely with a number of universities in Australia, the USA and the UK in developing programmes for delivery in Viet Nam.

Professor Geoffrey Keith PULLEN – Academic Advisor & TEFL Trainer

Geoff Keith Pullen worked for 20 years at the University of Brighton, UK and developed a Diploma and an MA in TESOL there. He specialised in phonetic, Language Teaching Methodology, classroom observation and micro teaching. He was also an experienced EFL Teacher Trainer with a track record of training EFL teachers both within the UK and overseas.

He worked as an assessor in Linguistics for HEFCE - Higher Education Funding Council for Education (Universities of Bristol, Luton and East Anglia), external examiners in University of Essex, Leeds Metropolitan University and University of Sheffield Hallam and inspector for the British Council EFL Schools Recognition Scheme. In 2002 he worked in the South of Vietnam as a teacher trainer and ran workshops across Dong Nai and Lam Dong provinces.

Ms VU THI LAN- Academic Advisor & FCE Trainer

Ms Vu Thi Lan has over 30 years teaching experience. She obtained a BA in English, granted by the HCMC University of Education and an MA in TESOL, granted by the University of Canberra (Australia). She previously worked for the Teacher’s Training College of HCM City as well as at Saigon University, where she played a pivotal role as a secondary school teacher trainer, whilst also participating in course-book training workshops held for secondary and high school teachers (years 6 to 12).

Currently, Ms Vu is working as a lecturer at the HCMC University of Foreign Languages and Information Technology, at Open University and also at Hung Vuong University. In addition, she is a co-author of selected English course-books (Intensive program, years 10, 11 and 12) and other notable reference books.

Ms PHAM THI LINH- Academic Advisor

Pham Thi Linh is an English teacher who is able to effectively communicate with students from diverse backgrounds and varying degrees of ability. She is a committed and dedicated professional with an ability to teach, motivate and direct students to maximum performance by encouraging a positive energetic environment. Pham Thi Linh received her BA in English from the Hue Education University in 1978. Later, in 2005, she earned her Masters of Arts in TESOL and Foreign Language Learning from the University of Canberra.

Her expansive career in teaching English began in Danang where she taught at Phan Chu Trinh High School from 1978-1989. During this time, she dedicated herself to improving the reading and writing skills of the students as well as organising extra-curricular activities. She is currently a teacher of English at Dong Nai University. Her main focus is to teach English by providing techniques that give students more confidence when making presentations or speeches. Pham Thi Linh shares her methods and experiences in teaching English with both the pedagogical students and in workshops on methodology, to help secondary school teachers improve their teaching methods.



One of the key components setting our English language programs apart from others is our capability of drawing upon and pooling a wide variety of appropriate educational resources. Our reputation for excellence is also upheld by our combined experiences of human resources and developing strong, enduring relationships with local educational institutions. There is a recognised need to integrate the Vietnamese education system into a global environment and thus contextualise the acquisition of the English language and we are certainly ready to meet and run with these challenges.

 English for Primary & Secondary Schools

These programs are specifically designed for classroom-based situations involving children and teenagers, aged 5-15. These children have often had very limited exposure to the English language as well as interactions with foreign teachers. Our goals encompass the development of a foundation for conversational English and most importantly, getting children excited about speaking English. Assigning enthusiastic, dedicated and personable foreign teachers affords the opportunity of ‘comfort interacting’ with native English speakers. It is therefore imperative that we assign teachers with the appropriate experience and provide additional training to fulfil our set criteria.

The various programs are ages specific which are centred on enjoyable topics. Our lessons include methods which incorporate story-telling, playing educational games, watching informative movies and singing songs. Above all, we try to promote a spontaneous application of such useful tools which inspires students to learn. This inevitably increases
self-confidence and allows for some fun.  By the use of different means of interaction, students can then model appropriate English language with their peers.

English for High Schools  

These are classroom programs specifically designed for students, aged 15-18. Once again, our goal is to promote an interactive learning environment, whereby the English language can be most readily acquired. At this age, students need to develop a spontaneous use of conversational English. Employment and integration of the above-mentioned factors is also needed, combined with a more stringent application of the grammatical rules of English. The rules of grammar and construction are conveyed initially to students in separate classes by their Vietnamese teachers. Subsequent practice with the native English teachers helps to affirm and concretise the principles and develop confidence.

At this stage of students’ learning we incorporate other techniques, including more sophisticated games, diverse media, public speaking and an increase in focus on pair and group work. Also, the introduction of appropriate lessons which incorporate current events and global issues becomes increasingly necessary. All of this implementation requires that we have enthusiastic, dedicated teachers who are experienced at working with teens; they must have the right credentials, including university degrees and be certified to teach. Peer interaction becomes even more of an important factor at this age, which we must embrace as part of our teaching techniques. This overall synthetic, holistic approach helps prepare students for university and other advanced education.

English for Universities and Higher Education

Upon completion of an English language education at school, students then receive an in depth counselling service in order to ascertain their appropriate individual needs for further tertiary study abroad. This principally involves selecting from a number of English-speaking countries, including America, U.K, Australia or Singapore. We have solid partnerships with institutions in these countries which we are continually liaising with in order to provide the highest possible academic standards as well as help assimilate students into these different cultures.

Preparation for such further study abroad can often mean that we provide the necessary curricula for the acquisition of international language certificates (TOEFL and IELTS, for example). Improvement in English by way of focussed training, private tutoring and test preparation are all part of our objectives. Associated with living abroad, students are inevitably faced with a number of related challenges and we attempt to alleviate students’ and parents’ concerns in this regard. We try to make their ‘landing’ and integration into the respective communities as smooth as possible. Choosing the right institution and suitable location requires particular attention to their specific interests, their degree of competency with the English language and consideration of their financial capabilities. This also encompasses assistance with the procedures in applying for the necessary visas, scholarship information and also providing pre-departure cultural knowledge incorporating individually tailored programs.

Other Projects  

Faced with the challenges of Vietnamese businesses to integrate into a global environment we offer world-class training quality. Vietnamese enterprises respond to these impending challenges quickly and effectively in order to be efficient. The tools required to achieve this involve programs that are relevant to today’s conditions. Cutting-edge resources, including our prominent, specialised training team accomplishes the necessary shift. Enhancing business practise by way of a fast and efficient process of English language acquisition is the hallmark of our success.

Encompassing the needs of businesses by way of the acquisition of the English language which is contextually relevant to the various business transactions is foremost on our agenda. Industry-specific language within the setting of a global environment requires tailoring programs to specific needs. Conducting such programs requires both foreign and Vietnamese teachers of the highest competence, having highly regarded academic credentials, including advanced postgraduate degrees. Some of our teachers have particular, specialised skills in different areas and we can draw upon these various skills when required. Favourite topics might include General English, Business English, Banking English or Tourism English and we aim to provide the necessary terminology and communicative skills to effectively participate in these arenas.


As a part of COMPASS Education, COMPASS Event aims to serve the most wonderful English Learning Environment via all kinds of events and outdoor activities. Providing a wide range of active events, we wish to engage learning and exploring enthusiasm of people from all ages in developing their language skills and integration.

It is COMPASS Event’s mission to create inspirational education sphere, to help people learning with smiling.

Grandiose Graduation Ceremony

Perhaps the most celebrated of our events are the graduation ceremonies. One cannot underestimate the importance of celebrating one’s accomplishments and receiving acknowledgement and support from family, friends and loved-ones. This affirmation is of considerable value in promoting self-confidence and providing confirmation of one’s abilities and so then projecting our aspirations towards the future. It can be a decisive turning-point. There is also a chance to indelibly imprint our accomplishments in our minds by way of the opportunity of acquiring memorable photos and the awarding of diplomas.

Field trips to enjoy “Learning while Playing”

More relaxed and recreational are our various field trips. Here we get to make progress in ‘learning by playing’. It sets a stage for the amalgamation of theoretical and practical knowledge and experience, away from the classroom environment. Travelling to a diverse field of Vietnamese cultural and historical sites affords a chance to imbibe pride in this heritage. Set within an English language context, native English instructors can discuss familiar topics which can be explored and explained in English. Getting students to also write and express their feelings and expressions in English can be both fun and rewarding. We give awards and other treats to those most conversationally active, enthusiastic participants.

Fun English Speaking Club

Another important recreational and at the same time educational occasion is the English Speaking Club. This affords an effective way to practice conversational English. It increases internal motivation for English language acquisition. Held at Vietnamese and foreign schools within the local vicinity, it is monitored by native English speaking instructors. Favourite topics centred on certain themes can be an exciting way to explore the depth of the English language and foster enthusiasm. There can be invoked rival competition to promote fun and enjoyment and thus support for the occasions. Most of all, learners can acquire new friends as well as acquire the English language.

Active English Speaking Contests

English speaking contests can also jibe support in a fun and competitive playground. Consolidating skills is the name of the game and there are contests for different levels of English and age groups. Speaking in front of others can radically improve confidence and rallying support is part and parcel of the exciting atmosphere. Coercing friends and foe adds to the fun and rouses support and excitement. Once learners grasp an initial confidence it can often propel them to great heights. Developing intrinsic motivation and interest in improving English skills is at the heart of the key to success. These contests can provide the conduit for this compellingly nourishing growth.

Cultural Exchange Festival

Also culturally and educationally broadening are the different events of the cultural exchange festival. They are centred on international holidays, such as Christmas, Halloween, the mid-Autumn Festival as well as school anniversaries. It is a way of developing ‘comfort interacting’ with native English speakers, allowing learners to gain valuable experiences about   people from different cultures. Since the native English teachers are often from diverse English-speaking cultures, such as England, America, Australia and New Zealand this provides for a ‘global perspective’ with interesting and diverse angles and qualities which are well worth the exploration. Increasing global awareness promotes accessibility to being part of a global community. These different cultural inputs add to the richness of learners’ experiences. It proffers the opportunity of sharing and developing knowledge about Western and Eastern traditional culture including food and other delights.

Educational Future Career Orientation

In addition to these various events and festivities we also offer ‘career orientation’ field trips. Visiting specialised enterprises including factories and occupational villages in rural settings gives us an opportunity to pay respect to these traditional communities. We visit and present gifts to social service homes and this also gives us a chance for hands-on practice with manual stages of production. Significantly, it provides an opportunity to meet successful managers who are actually working within Vietnamese enterprises. Most importantly, we can promote awareness of the importance of the English language and the beneficial ramifications of acquiring it.

Event Co-ordinator

All events are held in cooperation with local schools and the events are facilitated by qualified native English teachers who are skilled at event planning and effective implementation. Essentially, these events are ways in which we can incorporate fun outings and recreational activities with English language education. By getting the students to actively participate outside the classroom setting, we can effectively engage the more shy students and utilize ‘action-oriented’ learning methods. This advances and broadens the processes of English language acquisition, which we are endeavouring to continually explore.

International Cultural Exchange

As part of our program of International Cultural Exchange we are able to work in conjunction with English clubs and culture exchange festivals. This increases interaction with foreigners and promotes comfort learning experiences as well as a certain degree of familiarity, which is affirmatively rewarding and necessary to increasing learners’ confidence. Taking the English language away from the textbook and providing a human face, who students can relate to, enhances the experiential nature of this most important learning process of language acquisition. It also furthers an awareness of globalisation and its web of communities. At the same time there can be integration and explorations in to these rich native cultures which brings pride in our heritage.

Compass Education can effectively provide the means of fulfilling all of these objectives by way of   these diverse activities which are enjoyable and fun in their orientation and educational by nature.

All the events are held in cooperation with your schools. Every event is involved by native English teachers who conduct these activities in English.

Join us for the Educational Development and Cultural Exchange of your students!




If you are wondering where to teach at the start of the school year ( August/September) in Ho Chi Minh City, why don’t you join our wonderful teaching team to experience COMPASS Education ?  

Please take time to see this video below:

START DATE : 15th August 2016


We offer a 'Teacher Placement Program' whereby local schools in and around Ho Chi Minh City can readily access highly qualified native English teachers. If a school requires native English teachers then we can also provide the curricula, the necessary resources and assessment procedures to deliver the right product. We require enthusiastic, dedicated teachers who have authentic English pronunciation and who want a teaching position with a difference.


• Based on qualifications and experience the gross pay 420,000 vnd to 462,000vnd per hour. Compass Education organises the payment of income tax.
• Teachers are given 20-25 hours work a week ( flexible) and assistance is provided in the application of a working permit.
• Annual bonuses are given to teachers with outstanding teaching performance and extra payment is given to teachers for participating in extra-curriculum activities such as culturally orientated events.
• Initial training is given plus training workshops are conducted twice a year.
• Salary and bonus will be discussed in details for exceptional teachers


• Native English speaker
• English teaching certificate (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA or equivalent)
• Bachelor's degree
• A police background clearance from your home country.
• A visa for initial entry into Vietnam
• Experience in teaching primary school is advanced
• Aged from 21 to 40


A cover letter and a curriculum vitae.
A copy of passport and visa (including the page with photo and the front cover of the passport).
Copies of degrees and certificates and the originals to be certified before coming to Vietnam.
Reference letters (optional) and a recent photo of yourself.


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