Nowadays, the phrase “English for Communication”, “General English” or “Academic English” has become familiar with English learners in Vietnam. On the other hand, the phrase “Business English” seems to remain a new concept.

So what is Business English?

The name is rather straight forward, Business English: the English used in Business; The English needed to solve business related works and to Vietnamese’s mind simply “English for white-collar workers”

What separate Business English from others?

Allow me to quote line from “Business English is not just about using a second or foreign language; many of the skills used are also skills that are required to be learned by native-speakers.”

Other than using English to communicate fluently in a workplace environment, Business English required corporate, organization employees to use this second language in: answering the phone, writing and replying emails, presenting, discussing, adapting to urgent demands, etc. Will this be the main challenge for domestic businesses when joining the TPP?

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