As a member of COMPASS Education, COMPASS English Center commits to bringing students comprehensive and competent English training programmes and the best supporting service. Through our standard courses, student will be more confident in using the language allowing them to easily communicate globally.

  • We have small-size classes with only 10 to 12 students. They will be guided by native English teachers and benefit from our modern equipped classrooms.
  • Our teaching assistants and customer service staffs regularly monitor and update studying progress of each student to guarantee that they are going to achievetheir desired outcomes.
  • With weaker students, we support them by offering two (2) free tutorial lessons (hours) to strengthen their skills and catch up with their peers.
  • Two (2) free trial lessons are offered to students (all classes) and their parents are then invited (KIDS classes only) to assess the teaching competence at COMPASS English Center.
  • Outdoor activities as well as English clubs are frequently held to expose students to situations that enable them to speak to and listen with the English language.






I have worked at Compass for one year and in that time I have really enjoyed working with different schools and students in aiming to help them learn English! I like to have fun in my lessons and provide a warm and friendly environment for the students to be able to progress and develop their English skills. Vietnam is an amazing country I feel privileged to teach such hard working students. It makes teaching so much easier!


I have had the privilege of being an English teacher at Compass education for 3 years. I approach this position with passion and an energetic commitment to delivering comprehensive, entertaining and practical programs that enhance learning.
All office staff and teachers at compass have a diverse wealth of professional experience that gives students confidence in unique English skills that they can take forth with pride into their bright futures.



Mr. Tran Quang Nam is a highly qualified teacher of English as a Second Language and has dedicated his life to learning and teaching. Having received his B.A. in TESOL from HCMC University of Education, Mr. Quang Nam went on to receive a MA in TESOL from the Victoria University of technology, Australia, completing his coursework with First Class Honours. Mr. Quang Nam has taught a wide array of English based topics including General and Communicative English, Business English, and TOEFL Preparation at the distinguishedSeameoRetrac in Vietnam. Other work experience includes teaching undergraduates majoring in TESOL and Business English at HCMC University of Education. Mr. Quang Nam also lived in Seattle, Washington, USA, honing his English skills while also tutoring ESL students. 


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Compass Education

With the world becoming more a global village, people of today have been giving more emphasis on acquiring skills of the universal language. English, without a doubt, has become the gateway to succeed in almost every field. To meet this demand, Compass English focuses on providing students with an ideal environment that will equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to advance to the world.  We advocate to pursue advanced criteria and to meet the needs of diverse selection. Our working scope is diverse, rich of cultures for both students and teachers, to “acquire” and encourage cultural exchange.

Vietnam has one of the world fast growing economies, and that drives us to develop an English training system with discipline and high standards. To gain a globalized competitive edge, students have to be proficient in English. Our success is made by native English teachers who are highly qualified, well experienced and dedicated in teaching. They are also very good in communication and in inspiring students. At COMPASS English, students are the core of the class, and teachers are their friends who always encourage them.To operate the classes, we usually monitor students’ progress closely, support teachers through demo lessons, give survey and get the feedback from students to assess the teaching.

Our consultancy is based on students’ abilities and concerns. We fulfill above goals and we help students be confident in using English, and that made our renowned reputation in the area in HCMC. At places where people don’t have opportunities to communicate with foreigners, our service in providing native English speakers is an advantage. Students will have more opportunities to gain insights of the English culture and to understand deeply the language. Also, our mission is helping organizations understand and meet their specific needs in training, monitoring and assessing their staffs. In one of our diverse projects, we aim to build a high qualified education environment in which students could acquire the best knowledge. COMPASS Education guides you to success.